Weekly Tip 8/3/17:  Are you a balanced language learner?

There are usually 3 types of language learners:

Type 1 – The ones that only want to be conversational and don’t care about grammar

Type 2 – The ones that want to speak perfectly and struggle communicating

Type 3 – The balanced ones whose primary focus is conversation, but spend time perfecting their Spanish as well


Pros & Cons


Type 1 Pros: You will speak and advance faster than #2s.  You will be able to communicate with native speakers more quickly than any other type.

Type 1 Cons: You will reach a limit and never get past it to reach fluency because to be fluent you need to understand the little nuances of the language which you will only achieve by paying attention to the details.


2 Pros: When you speak, you will sound amazing.

2 Cons: It will take you a long time to advance because you are wrapped up in saying things perfectly (which is almost impossible when you’re learning a new language).  You will probably not use the language much due to fear of making a mistake, which will add to advancing slowly.


3 – The type 3 is the ideal language learner.  This is a person who is not afraid to speak, is not afraid to make mistakes, but also takes the time to learn from them and does care about working on their grammar.  This person will advance at a typical pace (6 months -1.5 years per level up to B2 and 1.5 – 3 years per level after that).  


Which one are you?