Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our Spanish immersion conversation classes. Please click each topic for more information.

If you’re not a Level 1 beginner, the first step before taking a class at Pura Buena Onda is to schedule a level assessment. Please contact us to schedule an assessment today: [email protected].

  • Please note: For level 1 beginners (A1), you do not need to take an assessment. An A1 level student is any student who has zero knowledge of Spanish, up to someone who is not yet able to hold 2 minute spontaneous conversation about basic subjects, such as family, where you are from, what you do for a living, what you did last weekend, your hobbies, etc.

Yes, the minimum number of classes you can purchase is an auto-renewing membership that includes up to 4 classes per month.

Yes, absolutely. The classes are very flexible because 1) you decide how many classes you would like per month, 2) we offer classes at many different times of day/night, 3) we offer online classes which you can attend while you’re traveling (if you wish), 4) any unused classes left on your account will roll over for up to 90 days, as long as you have an active, renewing membership, 5) we offer classes 6-7 days per week, 6) you can double up on classes as needed, to make up for weeks you were not able to attend, 7) you can freeze your membership for up to 8 weeks per year, etc. There are many options for those who travel.

If you choose a mini-assessment (versus a full-assessment), you may purchase a trial class for $29.

If you are a level 1 beginner, there is no need for an assessment, and trial classes are not offered.

Please note that with our auto-renewing monthly memberships you are only making a month-to-month commitment, therefore, if after a month you decide our classes are not for you, you may terminate your membership.

We offer discounts on occasion. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please fill out the form below, and you will be notified of any discounts throughout the year.

We also offer a free class to students on their birthday, and for referrals (when the new student signs up for classes and puts you down as the person who referred them).

We do!  Please check out our private classes page:  Private Spanish Classes

Yes we do!  Visit our page Small Group Spanish Classes

Yes we do! Pura Buena Onda offers several other services beyond classes:

Consulting: Are you interested in making the transition from Craigslist tutor to having a language school? That is where I started 15 years ago! I would be happy to help you through the transition, share my experience and answer any questions you may have! Please contact us for details at [email protected].

Teacher Training: Do you have a traditional language school but would like to make the transition to a Spanish conversation immersion school? We can train your teachers! Please contact us for details at [email protected].

Lesson plans for sale: Do you have the teachers and the school, but don’t have time to come up with lesson plans? Did you take classes at PBO in the past, have moved away & can’t find a school that offers Spanish conversation immersion? Purchase our lesson plans and give them to your teacher! You can purchase the entire year’s lessons for $599 by contacting us at [email protected]. Individual lesson plans may also be purchased for $2.99 – $4.99 on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Internships: Are you a Spanish major interested in an internship with a Spanish Language school? Please contact us for details at [email protected].

Have more questions?  Please contact us today at [email protected]!