Frequently Asked Questions about our Spanish immersion conversation classes:


How do I know which level is right for me?
– The first step before taking a class at Pura Buena Onda, is an assessment. Please contact Caro to schedule an assessment today: immerseyourself@purabuenaonda.com.

Is there a minimum number of classes I must purchase?
– Yes, the minimum is 8 and the maximum is 20.

I travel a lot for work. Is there an option for those of us that can’t commit to a set schedule?
– Yes. There is a non-consecutive class option. You may purchase a package of 8 non-consecutive classes and use them as you wish, within a 6-month period. Non-consecutive classes are based on availability, which you can check on a daily basis online. If you sign up for a non-consecutive package, we will give you the link.

Can I come in for one class and then decide if I want to commit?
– Unfortunately, no. However, when you come in for the assessment, you will get a clear idea of what the classes are like, you will be able to check out our sala and we will provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. And we always recommend to new students to sign up for the minimum number of classes before making a long-term commitment.

Do you offer any discounts?
– We do offer discounts numerous times per year. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please e-mail Caro at caro@purabuenaonda.com.
– We also offer free classes to students enrolled in consecutive classes on their birthday and for referrals (when the new student signs up for 8 or more consecutive or private classes.)

Do you offer private classes?
– We do!  Please check out our private lessons page:  Private & semi-private Spanish lessons

Do you offer classes for beginners?
– Pura Buena Onda does not offer small-group classes for complete beginners (our small group classes start at the advanced beginner level), but we do offer private classes for all levels.  Please check out our private lessons page:  Classes for beginners

Have more questions?  Please contact Pura Buena Onda – Conversational Spanish today!

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