If you wanted to learn to play tennis you would NOT:
read a bunch of books ABOUT tennis
SIMULATE playing tennis on an app
memorize all the RULES
Instead, you would grab a racket, a ball, and you’d get on the court.
You would learn by DOING.


So why is Spanish usually taught through books, apps, and grammar courses?
You can’t possibly learn how to SPEAK Spanish from reading a book or taking a grammar course.
You can acquire vocabulary and learn the rules, but if you don’t practice speaking, you can’t PRODUCE the language.


This is where we come in.


Pura Buena Onda has been creating a relaxed, fun, non-judgmental environment for 17 years.
You can practice SPEAKING Spanish with other human beings, receiving real-time corrections, and being guided to sound more natural, by our caring, experienced teachers.


With 8 levels you won’t be stuck in class with students who are way more advanced than you or way behind your skill level.


The classes are fun, laid back, non-intimidating and filled with joy & laughter!


We offer a flexible schedule with numerous options each week.


Our Spanish language conversation classes are held online, via Zoom.
Our monthly social events are both in-person (in San Diego, CA) and online.


Immerse yourself in the language today!


  1. pure(ly)
  2. only, just
  3. plain, simple, sheer