Frustrated that your efforts to learn Spanish aren’t paying off?

You need conversation. Not apps. We’ve got you covered.

Are you tired of boring classes and apps?

  • Apps are often too focused on Spanish grammar rules and silly phrases you’ll never use. Abandoning the apps to learn to SPEAK Spanish organically? Scandalous!
  • Being treated like a toddler or like some sort of Spanish genius is maddening. Spanish learning tends to be either kid stuff or rocket science.
  • Work is a drag. Many Spanish classes can make learning a snooze-fest. Why torture yourself with something boring? That’s why you lack motivation!

So how should you learn Spanish?

By practicing it with other humans. Learning a language is exactly like learning to play a sport.

You need to get in the game and have real conversations, not just read the rulebook.

How we can help



You can learn at your own pace based on your learning needs. Try different teachers, try different classes and find your perfect fit.

Personal Human Attention

Our classes are small and personalized, so your instructor is available to help you with whatever you need – no judgment here! We’re all in this together, and mistakes are part of the process.

Conversation and Immersion

Immersing yourself in natural, casual, Spanish conversation will ease your nerves and boost your confidence to speak Spanish in the real world.

We have fun!

Our classes are a blast. Get ready for easygoing, welcoming, relaxed classes.  We’re teaching you Spanish, not ballet. You’re welcome to leave your perfection at the door!