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we believe that you must actually SPEAK the language with other human beings.

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We offer private, semi-private, or small-group Spanish conversation immersion classes in a fun, relaxed, non-intimidating environment!

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Actual Student Feedback.

I’ve been taking classes with Vane and she is just fantastic! I have also been taking a few when my schedule permits with Daniela – another of my favorite teachers.

The classes are beyond excellent. Winnie is a marvelous teacher and an exemplary human being. I cannot thank her enough for her compassion, intelligence, and wonderful nature.

I taught sixth grade for over thirty years. I used to tell my teaching partners, you actually teach not what you teach but who you are. Winnie has taught me who she is whilst learning more Spanish. She exemplifies the word “teacher”. A truly beautiful soul. Thank you.

Adri, is magnificent. The discussions she encourages in class are deep in thought AND vocabulary and a fantastic chance to practice speaking extemporaneously.

So far the two classes I’ve had the pleasure of attending have been great. Adri is super fun, engaged, and is an excellent teacher and leader. Compared to other Spanish schools I’ve taken group courses at, PBO is definitely a stand-out. In my past experience, although some teachers have been really good, they have been a bit more complacent with actually leading and directing the class. Adri is so wonderful! It’s also so valuable being in a class where we are all at the same level; in other classes I have taken at different schools, there is a huuuuuuge variety in abilities even in “intermediate” or “advanced” classes – this is definitely a unique advantage to PBO as well!

I started attending Paola’s class because of the time slot but have continued attending because I am extremely impressed with her as a teacher. She is always well-prepared and creates a class atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable, engaged and free to raise questions. I marvel at Paola’s technical skills in keeping the class moving so smoothly, and her knowledge and personality are conducive to learning as well as to lots of laughter. Paola is an absolutely wonderful teacher!

I am loving my clase con Tavi. Octavi is absolutely delightful. He’s patient, fun, helpful, and knowledgeable. We laugh a lot in class while learning a bunch too, which for me, as an adult learner, is extremely important. 

Honestly, Caro, I have yet to have an instructor about whom I wouldn’t rave. You’ve created a wonderful program, Chica. I love love love PBO!

Besos y abrazos

Everything continues to be wonderfully outstanding with our class!!! It remains a high point of each week, even during last year’s darkness. Octavi remains so totally epic and fun and the brilliance of your paradigm really transferred seamlessly to the online format. Yes, I loved the old days of building the in-person community with students and staff in your beautiful classrooms but I have also discovered how much I love being able to be in my own space while still having such a terrific time and I’m so grateful to you for this! You with your vision and your stellar ability to discover the brilliant staff and teachers that you do make it all so awesome!!!!

#purabuenaondaforever! #purabuenaondaporsiemprejamás!

I am loving the classes! Octavi is an amazing teacher and I love how laid back and comfortable the environment is. I’m really happy I signed up and I’m looking forward to the classes to come. 

Our class is going just great!  Octavi is at the top of his game as usual, prodding us to talk about things that really matter.   Your methods and subject matter decisions lead us to surprising revelations and many memorable moments.  I am enjoying and learning from the PBO Instagram posts, which I finally found just a couple of months ago.  

Daniela is amazing for my private classes. She always makes me feel more confident while at the same time helping me to continually improve. 

Thank you Caro for creating such an incredible learning environment for students to improve their Spanish!

The classes are great!  Susanna is an excellent teacher!!

I am enjoying the B2 classes very much and I am delighted to be learning Spanish again! Susanna is great and the other students are really friendly!

Classes are going very well! Lore is amazing. She’s incredibly helpful and patient 😊. I have become much more comfortable with practicing my conversational Spanish with my classmates. Everything is great.

I love the classes! I’ve taken 2 now and I already have noticed a difference in my comfort and ability to speak in Spanish. I think both Carolina and Irma are great teachers. I’ve also learned a lot of useful phrases during the lessons. I’m looking forward to the Spanish bootcamp!