Bootcamp results – Week 1

Congratulations to the 18 students that made it through the 1st week of Bootcamp!

We lost 4 the first week, but we hope that at least 10 of you make it to the end!  Will it be you?


A1: Chrystal M, Jean E, Jennifer G, Rechelle M

A2: Chris S, Lizzie S

B1: Anne M, Bill S

B1.5: Melanie T, Stephanie C

B2: Carol S, Roxie H

B2.5; Eva M

B3: Carolina F, Stephany F

Private Classes: Joy B; Lisa O, Rebecca H


When we asked them how week 1 went and if it was what they expected, this is what they said:

It was really tough, but I made it happen. Missed not having the face to face class, but will double up next week.
La primera semana fue genial. Requiere un poco de disciplina pero vale la pena. :-)
Easy but definitely needed to plan time for the FB conversations and blog responses.
Yo fui sorendida como rápido escucha Radio Latina hacerse más fácil.
Went great! So far it has been how I would expect.
It was pretty awesome! It feels like Spanish Immersion course. I love it. :)
Fue bien. Lo disfruti
Went great! Was what I expected.
Fue más fácil que esperaba. Pienso que usualmente hago las cosas que son necesario para el Bootcamp y entonces no es tan duro asegurar hacerlos cada día.
It’s easy this week but I think the next few weeks will be challenging!
Supuse que el primero semana iba a ser dificil. Creo que me siento más cómodo con el español hábito diario. Pienso que semana numero dos va a ser mas fácil:)
I think I’m going to run into some scheduling issues :( But I’ll keep trying! Lots of travel coming up
I struggled to complete everything with an exceptionally full schedule and family in town.
Es muy difícil pero me gusta!
It was somewhat difficult. I will make a schedule in order to stay on track.
Harder because I’m working in Connecticut, will be back August 10. So I have really made a schedule for myself to keep up!
Difficult, it was not part of my routine.
It was a little bit a work and to get used to but it was fun!
Muy bien y estoy en Colorado para una vacción


When we asked if they had any additional comments, this is what they said:

Trying to come up with new ways to interact with Spanish speakers. I find that I am very shy when it comes to trying it out with people in public. I will need to work on finding a friend or someone who can correct me when I am saying something in correctly.
Working with a friend also helps. Carol and I texted or talked every day to keep each other engaged in the Bootcamp activities.
Leyendo en vos alta es muy ayuda por mi pronunciación.
I had classes in Peru this week. 


Congratulations chicos!  Keep it up!