Student Advancement: Michael to C1!

My name is:

Michael (Miguel) Clark⁣ ⁣


My new level is:

C1⁣ ⁣


Approximately how much time do you dedicate to working on your Spanish outside of Spanish class?

On average, at least one hour per day, yet the level of “exposure” can vary greatly.

On average, how many times per week do you take Spanish classes @ Pura Buena Onda?

Typically, I try to take 2 classes per week, time permitting.


What role has Pura Buena Onda played in helping you improve your Spanish & advance to the next level?⁣

By far, PBO has been the biggest influence since it has been my main source of knowledge and inspiration, especially in a more structured environment, since I took high school classes over 40 years ago.


What are some of your favorite resources?⁣

I have a long list of favorite resources but some don’t last super long because I like to mix it up. For example, I listen to News in Slow Spanish when I take the dogs for a walk. I watch numerous newscasts and programs in Spanish. I listen to the radio consistently in my car (current favorite station: 91.7). I read BBC Mundo on my phone along with watching various podcasts. I also consider my friends Carol and Roxy valuable resources as we consistently trade phone conversations, messages, etc in Spanish (I get the best end of this bargain as they are without a doubt more advanced!).


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?⁣

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance to my fellow students in by new class(es), along with my teachers, as I fumble my way into the next level. I am truly humbled and appreciative of all the support and guidance provided by Caro and the other teachers (special shout out to Daniela and Susanna during this latest phase); it has been a challenging but immensely rewarding experience and I look forward to a continuance of this aventura!!


¡Felicidades a Michael por avanzar al nivel C1! ¡Bien hecho!

We are so happy to have you in our Spanish classes!