Group Classes


We offer two types of Group classes (all classes held online via Zoom): 

  • A 90-minute class, with 3-6 students, that includes conversation + a mini-lesson when applicable + an optional homework assignment.
  • A 60-minute class, with 3-6 students (for Intermediate/Advanced students only), that is conversation only, which will help you practice a specific topic, in an organic fashion. 
    • There is no mini-lesson or optional homework with this class.
  • Click here for beginner group classes
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Are you at a point where you can have a 2-minute conversation in Spanish about basic subjects such as family, your job or school, what you did last weekend, etc.? 

Can you do it without using any English?

*** If you’re not sure whether or not you can have a 2-minute conversation in Spanish, we recommend setting an alarm and without practicing first, try to talk about yourself for 2 minutes in a row, without using English. That will give you your answer!

Thank you again for embarking on this beautiful (and sometimes challenging) journey with us :)

Please let us know if you have any questions.


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