Weekly tip: Help! My partner feels like a Spanish widow/er!

Language learning weekly tip: Help! My partner feels like a Spanish widow/widower!

I spoke to a student this week who has a Spanish immersion trip coming up. She told me that she was excited about improving her Spanish, but not looking forward to the trip as much as she would like. When I asked why, she said it was because her husband was not taking it very well that she would be gone for three weeks without him, as they usually do everything together. Since she wanted her entire focus to be on Spanish, she prefers to do this trip on her own.

I decided to blog about this, not because I have all of the answers, but because this is not the first time I have heard this exact same story, and I thought that you, the readers, may have some suggestions. I don’t know how many students have told me that their partners refer to themselves as “Spanish widows/widowers” because their spouse dedicates so much time to their hobby!

I have not experienced this myself. My ex-husband had so many of his own hobbies and passions, that me having one that did not include him, was not an issue.

The only suggestions I have are the following:
  • Find a shared hobby. If you already have one, I would recommend doing it more often during the time leading up to the trip and when you return from the trip.
  • Make sure you are spending some quality time together leading up to the trip and after. Potentially take a trip together right before or after your solo trip.
  • Let him know why this is important to you, and the benefits of you going out of town for a few weeks. Maybe he has a hobby that he doesn’t dedicate as much time to as he would like? This would be an excellent opportunity for him to spend some time on it.
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I will report back next week!