Hola chicos,

Today I want to talk about the importance of the country of origin of your Spanish teacher.

The easiest way to explain this is by comparing English.

If you learned to speak English in England, you can still communicate with all English speakers in the US, Scotland, Ireland, etc.

If you learned to speak English in California, you can still communicate with anyone in Alabama, Missouri, Texas, etc.

That being said, every country, and every region has some differences in vocabulary and different accents.  I’m sure that you have all had the experience of speaking to someone from a different country in your native language and not understanding a word here and there.  That being said, as we are exposed to film and shows from other countries, we can’t help but pick up vocabulary.  I’m sure that all of our English speakers from the United States know that in England they use the word lift rather than elevator, for example.

So to sum this all up, the country of origin of your Spanish teacher is not very important. Apart from a few minor differences, Spanish is Spanish and English is English. 

If however, your reason for learning the language is to travel to a specific country, it’s never a bad idea to take classes with a teacher from that region.  If your overall goal is just to learn to speak Spanish, you can do that with a teacher from any country.

What has been your experience with this topic?