Weekly Tip 8/24/17: Find out what your language strengths & weaknesses are…

Hola chicos,

¿Qué onda con Uds.?  Espero que todos estén bien.


Students often ask what they need to improve to move into the next level.

Here is a list of the things your teachers take into consideration:

  • Comprehension: When asked a question, do you answer that question or a different one?
  • Vocabulary: Do you have the vocabulary that is common for that level?
  • Grammar: Do you use the tenses necessary to move into the next level, etc.?  
  • Overall accuracy: Gender, conjugations, correct vocabulary, etc.
  • Fluidity: How well are you able to get your point across.
  • Speed: How quickly are you able to get the words out.
  • Conversations skills: How well you are able to work around vocabulary that you are not familiar with.
  • English: How much English you are mixing in with your Spanish.
  • Confidence: Are you the type of student that is afraid to say something for fear of making a mistake?
  • Participation: Are you actively participating in class or does the teacher need to ask all the questions to get you speaking?  Are you doing the optional homework?  Are you engaging with other students?


So these are all the points that we consider before moving a student into the next level.  If you fit the bill for 8 of the 10 points, you are ready for the next level in most cases.  


If you ever want to know where you are at, PBO does offer detailed evaluations ($30) and mini-evaluations ($20).  You can also just ask your teacher what you need to work on, at any time.


Do you know what your biggest strengths and weaknesses are in Spanish?