Weekly Tip 11/16/17:  Take notes in Spanish class!

Take notes in Spanish class!


Pura Buena Onda’s Spanish classes are all about oral communication, but make no mistake, we still recommend that you take notes in class!


We learn more effectively when we write things down, as the actual act of writing it helps to lock it into our brain.  


We don’t suggest that you write down every word by any means, but write down corrections, write down words that may be useful to you, write down new vocabulary.


Outside of class a wonderful exercise that you can do is to listen to the radio, a tv show, a podcast, whatever, and write down everything that you hear.  Dictation will not only help you improve your listening skills, but will also help you expand your vocabulary and actually help you remember it!


Do you take notes in class?
Do you take the time to write in Spanish?