Weekly Tip 10/5/17: Label your surroundings!

Weekly Tip 10/5: Label your surroundings!


Hola chicos,

Buenos días :)  Espero que todos estén bien hoy.


Today I want to talk about things that you come into contact with all the time.

For example, for a teacher it could be desks, books, the principal, the cafeteria, etc.

For a lawyer it might be a jury, laws, billing, clients, contracts, felons, etc.

For anyone it might be a car, a bedroom, a hair brush, a blender, a cooking pan, etc.


Today I want you to pick 5 things that you come into contact with all the time that would be useful to know in Spanish.  This is an excellent way to learn new vocabulary without dedicating much time or effort.

Label them (maybe with a post-it) and look at it every day for a week to 2 weeks until you feel comfortable that you have learned it.

I understand that you can’t label your clients or a school principal, but maybe something that reminds you of them…


One rookie mistake: do NOT label too many things at once.  This can become overwhelming and annoying.  5 things at a time is a good number :)  Also, if you can, don’t write the word in English, only in Spanish.  


What will you be labeling?