Student Advancement: Marisol to B1!

 Spanish Conversation Classes :)

We love speaking Spanish!


My name is:



My new level is:



Approximately how much time do you dedicate to working on your Spanish outside of Spanish class?

30 minutes to an hour each day.

On average, how many times per week do you take Spanish classes @ Pura Buena Onda?

Usually just 1 private class per week.


What role has Pura Buena Onda played in helping you improve your Spanish & advance to the next level?⁣

It has been HUGE for me! I am currently taking group classes at a local school in Phoenix but when everything went into quarantine, I decided to try and find another way to supplement my learning. My private online lessons (mostly with Anna) have been SO helpful in letting me overcome my fear of actually *speaking* Spanish – I could read and write and complete as many exercises that you could throw at me, but I was so afraid to actually speak the language for fear of messing up. Anna helped me understand that even if I did not know exactly the right word for what I wanted to say, I could use the language I already do know to try and explain it. A total lightbulb moment for me!


What are some of your favorite resources?⁣

I think listening to music you love in Spanish helps so much! I have a notebook where I write and translate lyrics to songs I love (check out the band La Santa Cecilia – they are great!). I keep a (mostly) daily journal totally in Spanish which helps me learn and practice vocabulary that I will obviously use in my daily life. I also love the DuoLingo podcast and the Lupa App.


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?⁣

I am so grateful to everyone I have interacted with at PBO – everyone has been so helpful and generous with their time and patience.


¡Felicidades a Marisol por avanzar al nivel B1! ¡Bien hecho!

We love having you in our Spanish classes!