Student Advancement – Karen to B3!

My name is:

My new level is:

Approximately how much time do you dedicate to working on your Spanish outside of class?
It varies widely. I’d say anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours a week.

On average, how many times per week do you take classes @ Pura Buena Onda?

What role has Pura Buena Onda played in helping you improve your Spanish & advance to the next level?
Taking weekly classes keeps me steadily improving–whether or not I have a “good” speaking week, it’s always important for me to have gone–and it makes learning Spanish fun! I think the 90-minute class length is key because it takes stamina to focus in Spanish for that long. This past year, I have been able to do the homework regularly, and I think that additional point of focused attention each week has also helped a lot, even though it only takes a few minutes.

What are some of your favorite resources?
“The book Spanish Verb Tenses (Practice Makes Perfect), a giant chart showing all the conjugations for regular and many irregular verbs that I copied out of my old college Spanish textbook, the Linguee app, Google Translate, and my kids.

Sometimes right before class I will think of something specific to talk about in case the teacher asks, “”How was your week? Anything new with you?”” and I’ll look up a key word or two, or quickly review a tense, that I know I will need to describe it.”

¡Gracias Karen!

¡Felicidades a Karen por avanzar al nivel B3! ¡Bien hecho! We are so happy to have you in our online Spanish classes!