Student Advancement – Ileah to A3!

My name is:


My new level is:


Approximately how much time do you dedicate to working on your Spanish outside of class?

Approximately 30-60 mins per day.

On average, how many times per week do you take classes @ Pura Buena Onda?


What role has Pura Buena Onda played in helping you improve your Spanish & advance to the next level?

It has been the best decision I could have made for learning Spanish. Being able to live outside of San Diego but take classes online with PBO has really improved life for me. Before PBO I was only really using Duolingo and watching TV in Spanish with English subtitles and never had opportunities to speak or be immersed in a Spanish speaking community. Being part of the 90-day bootcamp has really pushed me as well and I’m so happy to have gained confidence and abilities.

What are some of your favorite resources?

Language Learning with Netflix, Busuu, Duolingo Podcasts, NPR Radio Ambulante, BBC Mundo

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I want to thank Caro, Anna, Daniela, Adri, Juliet, and Octavi. Caro has been extremely helpful, welcoming, funny, and runs an AMAZING school. Octavi was my first experience with the school for my placement test and he was so friendly and encouraging and was a big reason why I joined. Juliet always answers questions promptly and kindly. And Anna, Daniela, and Adri have all been amazing teachers who encourage me to participate and be willing to make mistakes, they help me correct them, they have helped me increase not only my vocabulary, but my confidence, and have helped me get to A3. Thank you so much to you all for being a huge part of my journey towards fluency 🙏♥️

¡Gracias Ileah!

¡Felicidades a Ileah por avanzar al nivel A3! ¡Bien hecho! We are so happy to have you in our online Spanish classes!