Spanish Bootcamp Results – Week 2

Congratulations to the following students who made it through the first 2 weeks of Spanish Bootcamp!

Luckily we only lost 2 students this week!


A1: Chrystal M, Jean E, Rechelle M

A2: Chris S, Lizzie S

B1: Bill S

B1.5: Melanie T, Stephanie C

B2: Carol S, Roxie H

B2.5: Eva M

B3: Carolina F, Stephany F

Private Classes: Joy B, Lisa O, Rebecca H


When we asked the students if they had any tips for the other participants to help them get through the Bootcamp, this is what they said:


Piensen de solamente un día a la vez porque 90 días pueden parecer como para siempre. Creo que ayuda tener una hora específica cuando hago la conversación de FB. Para mí es la madrugada.
A schedule helps. Also, keep car radio tuned to radio Latina.
Yo tengo un horario para confirmar yo he terminado todo los requisitos cada día.
Put it on your schedule so that you make it happen !
Plan it as part of the daily routine.
Get a daily routine, for example Facebook at 8am, watch a video 8pm
Listen to podcasts in the car in the morning. hard to get the listening portion done in the evening under time pressure.
I have been talking to myself in Spanish a lot to complete my 20 minutes. Talking is my weakness, and even though I know talking to myself is not quite as effective as an actual conversation, it still gets me talking for extended periods of time and doesn’t require me to move my schedule around, which is very busy at the moment. Plus, I can already tell it is helping me improve and it keeps me in the bootcamp and practicing every day!
Hago mi tarea la primera hora de la mañana
Me gusta leer Historias de Duolingo. Aqui es el enlace:

Intercambio de idioma por Italki me ayada mucho tambien.


Congratulations to you all!  You are ⅔ of the way to forming a new habit.  Just hang in there this week and it should be smooth sailing from here on out.  You are doing so well and should be so proud of yourselves :)