The single most important tip to improve your Spanish!

The single most important tip to improve your Spanish!


Yesterday someone asked me “what is the single most important tip you can give me to improve my Spanish?”

I find this question incredibly difficult, because I feel as though there is a different answer for each person. For example, if someone is a complete beginner and trying to become conversational, my recommendation to them would be completely different from an advanced student trying to reach fluency.

However, I realized that there is one recommendation I would give across the board, to anyone, studying any language, at any level, and that is (drum roll please) to be consistent.


If consistency is an issue for you, have you considered holding yourself to a minimum that you will do each day to improve your Spanish? You could dedicate three minutes to it or 30 minutes, it’s up to you; the important thing is to be consistent.


I for example have a minimum with Italian. Every day when I get out of the shower and I am getting dressed, I listen to one chapter of a short story audiobook.

Would I like to do more every day? Yes, of course.

Is it realistic that I do more than this every day? No. Absolutely not.

But even on the days that I don’t dedicate any more time to it, I can feel proud that I have committed a few minutes of my day to doing something in my target language, and know that I am slowly but surely getting better.


What is the minimum that you hold yourself to?

What do you do to be consistent with your language learning?