¿Sabías Que…? 🤔

Did you know…that your Spanish will improve if you switch up your teachers at least every 6 months to a year?


If you are taking Spanish classes because improving your Spanish is a priority for you (as opposed to taking classes for social reasons or because it’s a hobby), we assume that you would like to be able to understand native Spanish speakers.


When you stick to one teacher, you tend to get used to the way that one teacher talks, but as you know, we all speak very differently in the real world.


Switching up teachers every six months to a year (or randomly throughout the year) gives you the opportunity to expand your vocabulary, learn a different accent, potentially learn about a different culture, and improves your comprehension of native speakers tremendously. And it also gives you the pleasure of meeting some of our other teachers and students :)


We currently represent 5 countries and 9 different regions. Take advantage of that, as most language schools don’t offer this much variety!


Just saying…