Do-over moments are important!

Do-over moments are important!

Today we’re on to the 7th of 10 tips for new language learners!

When you’re learning anything, it’s important that you stop when you’ve been corrected, and have a “do-over” moment.

When students are corrected they very often say “uh-huh” or “yeah, that” and keep going. Since repetition is the key to learning anything, it’s crucial that you stop, repeat the correction, and then keep going. This is especially true when you’re learning a language through immersion, as you’re doing at Pura Buena Onda. You are essentially learning by doing, rather than by studying, so that moment when you stop and repeat a correction, is the moment when you start the process of learning something correctly.

I once read that it takes the average person 12-20 times to learn something new, so everytime you repeat something correctly, you are that much closer to learning it.