Remember your level!

Remember your level!


Spanish students often forget their language level when they’re speaking, which is something important to take into account.

Remember that if you’re in a lower level and trying to explain something very complicated, ask yourself “How can I make this more simple?”  You still want to tell the story, but there are often ways to simplify it to make it more level-friendly.

If you’re in a higher level trying to explain something complicated, don’t give up!  Find other words that you can use, ask for help, consult a dictionary, etc., but if you don’t make the effort, how will you ever get better at explaining complicated subjects?

The most important point is to stay in Spanish (no pic Inglich) and to tell the story in words you already know or can explain.  As you continue on your Spanish learning journey your stories will include more detail and more sophisticated vocabulary & concepts.  Poco a poco chicos…