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No pic Inglich!

Posted on June 14, 2018 · Posted in Pura Buena Onda Blog

No pic Inglich!


Today we will continue with the 4th of 10 tips for new language learners.


An incredibly important habit to form as quickly as possible when you are learning a new language, is to not revert back to English when you do not know how to say something. This will be challenging at the beginning, but get in the habit of trying.

For example, maybe you do not know how to say the number “1789”, but you know how to say 17 and 89, or you know how to say one, seven, eight, and nine.

Perhaps you do not know how to say “to drive” but you know how to use your hands to show that you are driving.

Or maybe you do not know the word for “pillow” but you do know how to say “it’s the soft thing under your head when you are in bed.”

And of course you need to know the very important phrase “¿Cómo se dice xxx?” / How do you say xxx?

The quicker you can get into the habit of not mixing English in with your Spanish, the more quickly you’ll reach fluency. It’s really that simple.




PS When anyone spoke to my grandmother in English, she always used to tell them that she did not speak English, which came out as “no pic inglich.” Years ago we adopted this saying as a motto here at Pura Buena Onda 🙂