Mini-Lesson: week of 6/24

la mini-leccion


connectors 2:


la mini-lección: los conectores 2

Today we will take a look at some more connectors.

There are many connectors, so we will again focus on some of the most useful ones.

Para – In order to

For example:

Hago deporte para sentirme mejor.

(I play sports in order to feel better.)

Al principio – In the beginning, initially

For example:

Al principio eras bastante irresponsable.

(In the beginning you were pretty irresponsible.)

En fin – In short, in brief, all in all, at the end of the day, basically

For example:

Están cansados y estresados; en fin, no quieren charlar.

(They are tired and stressed; in short, they don’t want to chat.)

En resumen – To sum up, summarizing

For example:

En resumen, el libro se trata de la historia de una familia.

To sum up, the book is about a family’s history.)

Tan…como… – As…as… 

For example:

Su opinión es tan importante como la tuya.

(Her opinion is as important as yours.)


la mini-lección: la preposición, fondo

Today we will take a look at a preposition that can pose some difficulties due to its numerous meanings.

Fondo – This word means bottom and far end, but it changes its meaning depending on how we use it. 

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Hay hojas en el fondo de la piscina. (There are leaves at the bottom of the pool.)

El baño está al fondo, a la derecha. (The bathroom is at the end, to the right.)

En el fondo somos muy inocentes. (Deep down, we are very naive.)

La detective analizó el caso a fondo. (The detective analyzed the case thoroughly)

¡A fondo! (Step on it! – Related to speed.)