Make Spanish class count!

Pura Buena Onda is excited to be back after the holiday break!  

We would like to extend a huge welcome to our new students and to our amazing returning students!  

We are so happy to have you with us :)


Every week I like to share a brief blog post with you, to help you in some way, on your Spanish language learning journey.  


Today I would like to stress the importance of making your class time count.

What do I mean by that you might be asking yourself?  This is what I am referring to…

  • Be present, this is the time you set aside for Spanish, nothing else
  • Be a good active listener, meaning that when someone else is sharing you are listening, not formulating your next sentence
  • Participate, share, ask questions of the other students, interact
  • Repeat corrections so that you can learn from your mistakes; your goal is to improve your Spanish, right?
  • Take notes so that you can review them later


We do recommend doing the “optional homework” every week.  

We do recommend attending our social club events.  

We do recommend coming to our workshops.  

We recommend a lot of things, but if none of those work for you, you can at least make the time in class really count.


Besitos a todos,