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Weekly Tip: Learn from your mistakes! As you all know by now, making mistakes is part of the process of learning a language. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to put it all out there and make as many as needed. However, we assume that you want to improve your Spanish, which means […]

Congratulations to the following students who made it through the first 2 weeks of Spanish Bootcamp! Luckily we only lost 2 students this week!   A1: Chrystal M, Jean E, Rechelle M A2: Chris S, Lizzie S B1: Bill S B1.5: Melanie T, Stephanie C B2: Carol S, Roxie H B2.5: Eva M B3: Carolina […]

La tarea opcional de esta semana es escribir 4 preguntas de conversación para la clase, usando uno de los tiempos compuestos del indicativo diferente para cada una.  Por ejemplo: ¿Has viajado a Italia? – ¿Habías tomado clases de español antes de PBO? – ¿Habrás tomado vacaciones antes de que termine el verano? – ¿Qué habrías […]

Congratulations to the 18 students that made it through the 1st week of Bootcamp! We lost 4 the first week, but we hope that at least 10 of you make it to the end!  Will it be you?   A1: Chrystal M, Jean E, Jennifer G, Rechelle M A2: Chris S, Lizzie S B1: Anne M, Bill S B1.5: Melanie T, Stephanie C B2: Carol S, Roxie […]

There are usually 3 types of language learners: Type 1 – The ones that only want to be conversational and don’t care about grammar Type 2 – The ones that want to speak perfectly and struggle communicating Type 3 – The balanced ones whose primary focus is conversation, but spend time perfecting their Spanish as […]

La tarea opcional de esta semana es ver el video “Conditional Perfect” de Adriana Díaz-Ross en YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbbGq-NARr8). (La tarea extra de la semana * para los que quieran más tarea * es seguir con el capítulo 11, Compound Tenses: the future perfect and the conditional perfect, en “Complete Spanish Grammar” de McGraw Hill, de […]

We would like to congratulate our 22 Spanish Bootcamp participants for taking our 90 day challenge! We know you can do it!  Time to breathe, sleep & eat Spanish!  Yeah!   A1 Chrystal M Jean E Jennifer G Rechelle M   A2 Chris S Lizzie S   B1 Anne M Bill S   B1.5 Melanie […]

Hola chicos, Buenos días y feliz jueves :)   Today I want to address translations.   When you first start to learn a foreign language, you are pretty much translating from your native language, often word by word.  This is how you first start to learn to speak and it’s perfectly normal. The issue is […]