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Cada loco con su tema

Cada loco con su tema event

We love bringing our community together for events!
Join us for our November social event, Cada loco con su tema.

Do you ever wish we talked about something that YOU are really passionate about?

Maybe you love StarWars or the Lord of the Rings

Maybe you love gardening or raising chickens

Maybe you love makeup or fashion

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, we will be talking about it at our next event!

Join us for Cada loco con su tema,
our next social event that’s all about our students and their passions!

You pick the topic, you lead the conversation!


What: We will ask each attendee to bring a topic of conversation that interests them (en español por favor).
We will ask 2-3 students to state their topic, we will divide into 2-3 groups, and as each student chooses which topic is more interesting to them, we will place them in the appropriate zoom room. We will chat for 10-20 minutes (depending on the number of attendees and topics) and then we will do it all over again, with 2-3 new topics, and so on and so forth.

Por ejemplo: La jardinería, Star Wars, el ejercicio, maneras de mejorar el español, series de tele, Covid, lo que se te antoje.

When: Saturday 11/6 – 4pm-6pm PST

Where: Zoom – this will be a virtual event

Who: Current PBO students. You may invite a +1, Spanish learning/speaking friend, BUT we will need their full name + email address in advance.

Cost: This is a free event.

Other: Please bring your conversation topic translated to Spanish. We can help you correct it if needed.

This will be a virtual event.
All of our monthly events are in Spanish.⁣⁣⁣⁣
The deadline to sign up for this event is Friday 11/5 at noon.

We are so looking forward to chatting with you!

PS: Cada loco con su tema is an expression that literally means “every crazy with their topic.” What it actually means is “to each, his own.”

The event is finished.


Nov 06 2021


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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