30 por 30 en 30
30 day Spanish challenge

30 por 30 en 30 is a Spanish challenge
that consists of 30 tasks,
to be done in 30 days,
that take an average of 30 minutes per day!

This fun Spanish challenge will take place

from Wednesday 2/15 through Thursday 3/16/23

30 por 30 en 30 was designed to give your Spanish a boost of tasks on a daily basis for 30 days in a row + to get you into the habit of investing a bit of time into your Spanish on a daily basis.

You work on the tasks individually
and have the opportunity to join our 30 por 30 en 30 community chat as well.

I want to do this!!!  So now what?

  1. Become a Patreon patron ($20/month) of Pura Buena Onda – Conversational Spanish by 2/12/22! (Click on Patreon to sign up).
  2. Come back to Patreon by Tuesday 2/14 to find the welcome info with further instructions (the welcome info will be posted Fri 2/10/23 at the latest.
  3. Once you log into Patreon the day before the challenge starts, look for the invite to join our 30 por 30 en 30 group chat on Telegram. (great messaging app, similar to WhatsApp but better – available for computer & phone).
    For most of the daily challenges you will have the option of sharing a voice recording or video in our Telegram group, to get extra speaking practice.  You do not NEED Telegram for this challenge, but it will be highly beneficial to you to use it. If you choose not to use it, you will be able to comment in Patreon, but will not be able to leave voice memos or videos to practice speaking.
  4. Come back to our Patreon page every day for 30 days to check out the daily challenge, starting on Wednesday 2/15/23 ( I will post the 1st task on Tue 2/14, and the challenge starts on Wed).
  5. Optional: Leave voice or video messages on Telegram as it comes up throughout the challenge and enjoy watching and learning from other’s messages & videos.
  6. Feel accomplished and proud of yourself for giving your Spanish a boost!


  • You do not need to take classes with Pura Buena Onda in order to participate in this challenge, but we recommend taking 1 private class per week if you wish to go over your tasks with a teacher and have them corrected, ask questions, etc.
  • This challenge is for all levels, although it’s geared more towards A1-C1 (Beginner 1 – Advanced 1).
  • The deadline to sign up for the challenge is the first day of the challenge (2/15/22), unless you’re ok with starting late and catching up.
  • Every day we will be posting the next 3 day’s tasks (starting on 2/14/23, the day before the challenge starts), so that you can choose which of the 3 challenges you want to do on each of the 3 days.
    • Ideally you would do 1 challenge per day, every day, for 30 days, but if that doesn’t work for you on 1 or 2 occasions, there is some flexibility. With this particular challenge you have the entire 30 days to get all the tasks done, HOWEVER, we highly recommend that you stay up to date. It’s easy to get behind if you keep putting it off.
  • The activities will take an average of 30 minutes a day. This means that some may take 5 minutes and some may take 2 hours; but in the end, it will equal 900 minutes (15 hours) in 30 days. 
    • When you don’t have time for a particular challenge, you can skip it and do it on another day when you have time. It would just mean doubling up on some days or doing tasks out of order.


  • Your Patreon membership will auto renew until canceled. You’re welcome to cancel as soon as the 30-day challenge is over or you’re welcome to stick around for the rest of the content (pre-recorded subjunctive course, for example).
    • If you choose to continue to support us on Patreon, it will cost $20/month.
    • You can cancel your membership at any time, with the click of a button.
    • Please note that Patreon is a 3rd party platform and PBO has no control over billing. Please read the billing portion carefully.
    • Our 30 for 30 challenge is a series of tasks, there are no classes involved. 

One Last Thing

  • For our technologically challenged friends: we will offer a 30-minute, virtual, group-session at no charge, to teach you how to use both Patreon & Telegram. We will announce the date/time in Patreon.

We are really looking forward to embarking on this challenge with you!

Please contact us with any questions you may have!

[email protected] 

Call/text us @ 619-916-8339