Student Reviews

The classes are going great so far. I already feel like they are making a big difference. Octavi is great and very engaging. I look forward to continuing my classes!
Michael G.

Quiero decir que tu escuela es increíble, y he aprendido mas en 9 meses con PBO que aprendí en 5 años de español en la universidad!
G. Goodman

The class is fabulous! I love the environment, mood & structure that Carolina creates. Carolina is a natural teacher.
S. Innecken – Biologist

I love this class and the cultural diversity and knowledge it brings. Caro is a wonderful instructor and makes an incredible effort to make sure everyone is learning.
L. Lavacheck – Program Development / Finance

This class was an excellent opportunity to practice Spanish in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. We discussed a wide range of topics that usually resulted in lots of laughter!
E. Barnett – Grad Student

Fun, relaxed atmosphere; not intimidating to speak.
M. Yambor – RN

Awesome teacher and atmosphere!
J. Walton

Fun and effective. Definitely worth the time and money.
J. Salas – Massage Therapist

I learned so much while in a safe and fun environment. We laughed during every class. I am so glad I found it!
A. Goodhand – Student

Realistic conversations and interactions.
T. Harnish – Border Patrol

Excellent. Fun. Good balance of conversation and didactics. Good management of group.
R. Bale – Clinical Psychologist

Carolina is great to study with as she provides a relaxed and fun environment to practice your Spanish skills.  I take the conversational class which has been wonderful for me to practice the language while meeting new people.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone who wants to better their Spanish language skills!
C. Parker / Physician Assistant

Carolina’s conversational classes have given me the confidence to speak Spanish at my workplace and in my private life.  I’ve wrestled with fluency for years, always lacking confidence in my abilities, but working with Carolina has made me see what my strengths and weaknesses are.  She provides a warm, non critical environment to encourage students to soar.

There is NOTHING I don’t love about Carolina’s classes. It is truly a delight to come. I’m feeling more confident all the time. It is more than I expected. Carolina is a joy to be with and I am always amazed at the great ideas she has to make it so much fun. Many thanks.
N. Kurimay – Retired

I am constantly surprised and stunned at my growing comprehension through this method of learning.
C. Isaac – PR Manager

Carolina puts everyone at ease and gets everyone interested in the conversation at hand.
E. Alpert – Journalist

Caro is fun, professional and sensitive to the people in her class. She knows all the fine points of grammar and will gently offer a better word but doesn’t constantly correct everything you say. I learned a lot, especially from being in a class of no more than 6 people – and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.
G. Macy – Former Paralegal

I wish I had time to go twice a week.
D. Inumerable – Investigator

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