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Pura Buena Onda offers several other services beyond classes!


Consulting: Are you interested in making the transition from Craigslist tutor to having a language school? That is where I started 12 years ago! I would be happy to help you through the transition, share my experience and answer any questions you may have! Please contact me for details at immerseyourself@purabuenaonda.com.

Teacher Training: Do you have a traditional language school but would like to make the transition to a Spanish conversation immersion school? We can train your teachers! Please contact us for details at immerseyourself@purabuenaonda.com.

Lesson plans for sale: Do you have the teachers and the school, but don’t have time to come up with lesson plans? Did you take classes at PBO in the past, have moved away & can’t find a school that offers Spanish conversation immersion? Purchase our lesson plans and give them to your teacher! You can purchase the entire year’s lessons for $189 by contacting us at immerseyourself@purabuenaonda.com. Individual lesson plans may also be purchased for $2.99 – $4.99 on the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Internships: Are you a Spanish major interested in an internship with a Spanish Language school? Please contact us for details at immerseyourself@purabuenaonda.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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