90-day Online Spanish Bootcamp!

Are you feeling stuck with your Spanish? Frustrated maybe? Like you’re not advancing? Participate in our annual 90-Day Spanish Bootcamp and make a noticeable dent in your Spanish!

Starting at just $119/month (+ a one-time $99 fee for the Bootcamp), you can take your Spanish learning to the next level!

  • Weekly 60-90 minute class for your level (13 total)
  • Weekly homework assignment
  • Daily written conversation question
  • Mini-lessons on Instagram every other day
  • Monthly social club event
  • 20-30 minutes of self-study every day

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Bootcamp tasks:

1 – Coming to class every week: You must make class a priority during these 90 days by working everything else into your schedule around your Spanish classes. In the case that it is absolutely necessary to miss a class, it must be made up the week before or the week after you miss it.

2 – Doing the “optional” homework every week: If you take the challenge, the homework is no longer optional. This includes the “extra optional homework” in the Spanish grammar workbook. (Level A1 Beginners: you do not need to do the workbook work).

3 – Participating in La conversación del día on Facebook: This must be done every single day for 90 days (meaning that you cannot go through all the questions for the week on Sunday for example – you must log in each day to do this).

4 – Responding to all of our Instagram posts & videos every week: Every week we post several mini-lessons on Instagram + a video or two. In order to participate in the challenge, you would need to check them all out and comment on them daily.

5 – Attending 2 of the 4 social club events in September, October, November and/or December (at least 3 of those events will be virtual).

6 – Speaking and listening to Spanish for 20 minutes every day: We recommend working on your weakness. If you understand more than you can say, then practice your speaking skills. If you express yourself well but have a hard time understanding native speakers, do more listening exercises.

7 – Responding to the survey each week asking if you have completed every task. If you have not, you will not “officially” continue with the Bootcamp.


Do I have to have Facebook & Instagram to participate?

• Yes, you do. You can set up a temp account under your real name and then immediately change it to a false name, so that no one else can find you, but you must participate on both platforms.

What happens if I don’t do one of the tasks or respond to the weekly survey?

• You’re out. This is a Bootcamp people! Ha ha!

What if I’m out of town one week?

• You still need to accomplish your tasks. You can do most of it while traveling. If you can’t make it to class, you can come 2x the week before or after your trip, to make up for it.

What happens if I can’t get in to a class in my level?

• This may happen, so we highly recommend you book 30-60 days out. We recommend setting a weekly alarm, to make sure you’re always on top of it.

• If you do not see any openings one week, you can sign up for the waitlist. If a waitlist spot does not open up, you have 3 options: take a lower level class and participate, take a higher level class and just listen, or double up on classes the following week.

Can anyone in any level do this?

• Absolutely!

Can I do this if I have never taken classes before?

• Yes, but if you’re not a beginner, we will need to schedule an assessment, so make sure you reach out to us immediately, so that we can get you in before the deadline.