Pura Buena Onda – Conversational Spanish

puro, -ra – adj

  1. pure(ly)
  2. only, just
  3. plain, simple, sheer

buena onda – nf

  1. a positive connection between people, places, events, etc.
  2. a good vibe

pura buena onda – n

  1. a relaxed, un-intimidating environment in which to learn and/or practice Spanish
  2. a fun, close-knit community designed to help you improve your Spanish through weekly classes, daily on-line interactions and monthly social club events
  3. an opportunity to learn with native speakers from different countries
  4. the chance to work with passionate teachers whose only goal is to help you succeed
  5. a place that allows you to throw your textbooks out the window, so that you can finally develop your communication skills